The goal for this site is to provide well researched resources to help anyone build their own scalable portfolio of cashflowing real estate. I believe that in 15 years anyone can replace their income by investing in real estate and depending on your financial situation and work ethic it’s entirely possible to do it in 5 years or less as well.

In November 2017 I realized that I would not be happy working in the tech industry my whole life. I had just purchased my first multi-family (~$110k triplex in upstate NY) and started researching real estate more seriously. I realized that if this property I had just purchased met my projections of $800/mo cashflow and I bought 6 more of them I would be able to retire. At $30k down per property I could realistically retire in just 5 years (at the age of 33). From that point on I was hooked, every morning for two years I have woken up looking at listings in various markets searching for my next deal.

Current Portfolio:

  • 5 Properties, 13 Doors, Estimated Value $1.1MM
  • Ski Condo (Colorado) – AirBNB/VRBO
  • 3 unit multi-family building (Upstate NY)
  • 3bd/2 converted to 5bd/2 (Denver, CO)
  • 4 unit multi-family building (Missouri)
  • 4 unit multi-family building (Missouri)

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