Am I Being Too Subtle – Review, Summary, & Notes

Review: I would give “Am I Being Too Subtle” by Sam Zell 5 stars, I would highly recommend it for every real estate investor. Sam is a great storyteller and it’s a good mix of being entertaining, inspirational, and educational. It’s a quick read and well worth the $10-20 to buy it on Amazon. It […]

The Automatic Millionaire – Summary & Review

This post contains affiliate links The Automatic Millionaire (Amazon) is a personal finance book that focuses on setting up simple systems to allow you to build wealth “automatically”. It’s not a get rich quick scheme, and for most folks who are already on the path to early retirement the concepts will be well known. Even […]

Set For Retirement at Age 30

The point I hope to convey in this post is that it does not take a large amount of money to set yourself up for a comfortable retirement if you start early enough. I am now two years into my five year “retirement” plan and while I can’t quit working just yet yet I could […]

How’d I get started with real estate?

In 2015 my friend convinced me to come visit his new ski condo in Colorado for a 10 day ski trip even though I’d never skied before. I loved both skiing and the Rocky Mountains immediately, by the end of the trip I made two predictions to the group: (1) Within two years I would […]