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What is RetiredinFive?

RetiredinFive is an “investment strategy” blog. The goal of this site is to help average working americans achieve financial independence/early retirement in as few years as possible. It will feature investment strategies involving a blend of real estate &  stocks to help you retire at an early age.

It designed as an adjunct to typical “personal finance” blogs that focus on building up savings, getting out of debt, etc. I consider all of that a necessary first step but this blog’s focus is on investment strategy for those that have already accumulated some savings and have consistent income from a salaried job or small business. 

Enough about this site, here’s a bit about you –

Something seems off

You have a slightly different worldview from those around you. The idea of waiting until 65 to retire (or even 40 for that matter) doesn’t sound particularly great.

You work at a job where you like your co-workers and you’re quite good at what you do. If you were to win the lottery today however you would quit your job. 

You worry about risk as it pertains to your investments but you also realize spending the majority of your life in a job you don’t love just so can “retire”  in 40 years is pretty damn risky.

It’s your life, you should be able to use the majority of your time towards whatever pursuits you would like whether that’s traveling, volunteering, spending time with your friends & family, starting your own business or whatever it is that you want to do. 

You have some savings but you do not consider yourself rich. You do not need to be rich to use these strategies – if that were the case this blog would be fairly useless.

You’re ready to get off the treadmill – you understand that conventional wisdom will get you conventional results. You have above average aspirations and investment knowledge and want to actually get ahead.

About Me:

My name is Jim and I’ll be your omnipotent narrator for this journey. I’m 28 & work at a tech company. I started my career six years ago making $35k – five years from now I will be retired at the age of 33.

Semi-anonymous mildly intelligent author

I always planned on retiring in my 50’s or 60’s and did a dutiful job of saving for my retirement. I used to max my Roth IRA because that’s what all the financial advice seemed to say was a good idea. 

I never thought much about retiring early until I took a “mini-retirement” which meant quitting my high paying job to go exploring – wilderness backpacking, skiing & gold prospecting for six months. It was glorious.

When I returned to the working world originally my goal was to be able to take another mini retirement every 5 years until I eventually retire presumably in my 50’s or 60’s.

My goal since has changed. I intend to fully retire within the next 5 years. Depending on your outlook that’s either crazy or not ambitious enough but that’s what I feel I can realistically accomplish. I will accomplish this in most part from real estate investments – using OPM provided by the banks + federal government.

Using “cheap money” from government backed loans you as the working Jane have massive advantages over both large scale real estate investors who cannot get money at your rates/terms or stock market investors who will experience a far lower rate of return.

I can promise I will not try to sell you anything – whether that be seminars or coaching or turn-key properties or e-books or anything. Any book I recommend I have read found valuable. Any service I recommend I actively use myself and believe to be the best value available.

I might fail or I might succeed in my 5 year quest but each step in the process will be documented so you can take from me what works & also learn from my failures so you don’t need to repeat them. Hopefully you enjoy the journey and get some value out of it along the way.


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